11 September 2012

Monassis release 1.0.7

This is a minor release and mostly a collection of fixes (listed below). The exciting bit is that some of the modifications are in preparation for releasing the practice service over mobile phones... but, you'll have to wait a few more weeks for detailed news on that front.

  • New features:
    • Each chapter in dashboard is now a link, filtering on that chapter only
    • Implemented coordinate response type
  • Fixes:
    • Minor fixes to ASCIIsvg to PNG converter (Thanks Leen!)
    • Do not show "future chapters" section on dashboard when there are no more future chapters. (We finally need this since the Physical Sciences Grade 12 book has been fully templated!)
    • Fixed list response type so that it can have sub-types that use semi-colons
    • Implemented separate sessions for each book. You can now practice maths and science simultaneously without confusing the practice service.
  • Mobi prep:
    • Check for Mxit in request headers
    • Added spans and divs around dynamic elements in dashboard and question views
    • Implemented per-book access control

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