30 August 2012

Monassis release 1.0.6

Version 1.0.6 of the intelligent practice service went live late yesterday! This release is mostly a collection of fixes.

The major fix is that ASCIIsvg images are now being converted to PNG images on the server side. Some browsers (notably IE and Chrome under Windows) do not support SVG images natively. Since most of our clients are Windows users, this was a bit of a problem. The cool thing is that images are still created using the ASCIIsvg format, making it possible to template and randomize them.

The ASCIIsvg to SVG code was created by Leen Remmelzwaal here at Siyavula and is available under the GPL here. The new code base has an improved version of the original Javascript library (cleaned up and with some additional functionality) for client-side conversion and a new Python library for server-side conversion.

A whole bunch of chapters have also been released in the mean time. We are very close to finishing up all of Grade 12 Mathematics and Physical Sciences and not too far off from finishing Grade 10 too.

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