12 June 2012

Monassis release 1.0.3

Another development cycle completed! New user-facing features:
  • A user feedback form for reporting problems with the service or any particular problem. The issues get logged in GitHub and our crack team of technical content editors process them.
  • A "How should I write this?" button that shows the user a short tutorial on the notation for different types of inputs. It is context sensitive, so if you are answering a chemistry problem, it will show you how to write chemical notation. Here's an example for fractions:
  • 12 new chapters available between the 6 books! There are now 438 templates in the database.
 New back-end features:
  • Implemented the <rawvalueof> tag, so that XML can be generated directly using Python.
  • Consolidated the type library and added the chemical equation and string set types.
  • Bugfixes: better scientific notation rendering, changed default numeric error function to relative (rather than absolute), interval parsing failed on + operator.
The next release will focus more on back-end development, although the following user-facing features are high on the list:
  • links from practice problems to the textbook, so that you can review content related to the problem before attempting it;
  • a "Try this question again" button if you want to repeat the same problem, but with a different set of random values.
As always, you can sign up for a free trial at or

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