28 May 2012

Monassis release 1.0.2

I'll be trying out a micro-release schedule over the next few weeks. The schedule consists of a 2-week cycle with feature development, testing and bug-fixing in-house after a feature freeze, and finally roll-out to the live site. The first cycle just completed!

This is the first non-bugfix release since v1.0 with the following new developments (roughly in order of importance):
  • lots of new chapters available (398 templates total)
  • more robust response type library
  • spectroscopic notation for electron configurations
  • chemical compound notation
  • arbitrary precision floating point numbers
  • better unicode support
  • display subject and grade on dashboard
  • file and email logging of server errors
  • rudimentary usage analytics
Many thanks to the Siyavula team of technical content editors for churning out templates at an alarming rate :) The practice service would be nothing without its exercises.

The next release will focus on new UI and active users should see a few cool new features on 11 June 2012!

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