15 February 2013

Monassis release 1.1.1

As mentioned in the previous post, it's consolidation time and this release is mostly about scaling up to handle more users, streamlining a few processes and fixing bugs and user interface problems.

  • We're now running four copies rather than one copy of the Monassis server, to handle increased traffic. A load balancer monitors and distributes incoming requests to the different servers.
  • Streamlined handling of users' error reports, meaning that you'll get a response from our team much more quickly than before.
  • Simple profiling of different types of requests, to find ones that are taking too long to compute, so that we can optimize them.
  • Automatic processing of school spreadsheets for setting up class lists.

User interface tweaks:
  • We've been having trouble with some images not showing up on lower end mobile phones. We're now using a different technical mechanism for displaying images, so this problem should disappear.
  • Made teacher dashboard plots scrollable for teachers with large numbers of learners in their classes.
  • Changed the default time filter range on the teacher dashboard to include today, even though it's only a partial day. It seems that teachers like to monitor their learners as they are practising in real time.

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