18 October 2011

Version 0.2

By and a large, the past two weeks have been a success. Admittedly, I tested the boundaries of sanity along the way.

The highlights are that
  • XML templates with linked Python for logic and PNG or ASCIIsvg files for images are now stored in SQL database and can be interpreted by Monassis;
  • templates have tags (based on the chapters and sections of the FHSST books) which can be used to filter the questions the user would like to practice;
  • student, teacher and author accounts exist, with students potentially belonging to class lists, each associated with a teacher.

The only bits that didn't make it in during the sprint are the reporting bits.

I'm about to show a demo to a group of teachers (in about 1 hour) and again some time tomorrow or Thursday to another group. Hoping to get some feedback from that.

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